Angsana Asmara’s is the exclusive importer and distributer of the following brands for the Indonesian territory. Our focus is on a product portfolio that guarantees quality of materials, produces original designs and has an innovative way of looking at pleasure.

Tickler Toyfriend

From Sweden with love. Toyfriends look cute but are infatigable. Just like real men should be.

Rianne S

Rianne Swierstra is the woman behind this brand that will make you embrace your sexuality and carry it around in a discreet pochette.


Our very own leather and lace creations are produced in limited numbers and made for nights to remember.  


Innovative, well designed and well positioned, HK based VeDo consistently delivers pleasure in all possible shapes and forms.


Our very own retail channel. It opened its virtual doors in 2014 and has made many people happier and is purely a show of love and dedication.


Why Envy ? You too can have your very own Dildong: choose the colors and pattern and make it yours because this is a true pleasure source, from Holland.