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Solusi Pasangan Bahagia




Angsana Asmara has been actively engaged in making Indonesia vibrate again, a mission Rendra Susanti, founder and owner has consistently moved forward amidst innumerable challenges.

Born in 2014,  Angsana Asmara is the only company in Indonesia that imports and distributes transparently a variety of high quality, branded personal vibrator, massager or we name it mainan dewasa in the 4th most populous nation worldwide. 

Education, empowerment and users’ safety all collide to attain one general goal: bring happiness to singles and couples looking for that little extra. 

Selected retailers and specialist clinics all contribute to present to the wider public not just a safe, high quality product range but offer personal advice catered to the individual’s specific needs and preferences.

We understand the nature of the products and their purpose and see this as a responsibility :

it’s true, we sell pleasure toys,
but -in business-
we don’t play games. 

Indonesia Sexual Wellness Pioneer
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