"There is nothing better and more satisfying than bringing a smile to someone.

And if I get a couple to smile, then it's double the satisfaction"      


 Susu Rendra - Founder

Founded in 2014, Angsana Asmara Indonesia embarked on a mission: to make Indonesia vibrates!

Today we are the only company in Indonesia that genuinely imports and distributes quality personal massager vibrators to a nation home to 250 million people.

Angsana Asmara pursues its mission discreetly, with an emphasis on education, women’s empowerment and safety. We believe we all have the right to be sexually happy.

Sold on Laci Asmara website, through selected online retailers that share our same philosophy as well as at specialized clinics, we are proud of our accomplishments and motivated by customers’ growing demand.

We are in love with what we do, and hope you love it too.